Use Dictionaries to improve translation

Dictionaries improve the results from Language Cloud Machine Translation by using your own terms.

First, you need a subscription that has the Dictionary feature included. 

Then you have to have a term-base or a glossary of terms. 

In order to import your term-base you need to have it in .TBX format.

You can create this format in two ways:

1. If you are using SDL MultiTerm you can export a term-base directly in .TBX format see LINK
2. If you have the term-base in Excel you can convert it to .TBX using Glossary Converter - only available to users that have a Studio Licence in their account.  

The Excel Glossary needs to have 2 columns, first row with the source and second row with the target language.

Just drag and drop the Excel glossary into Glossary Converter

You will get a .TBX file that you can upload in the Language Cloud Dictionary.

The dictionary created in Language Cloud can be applied in the online translator or in SDL Trados Studio. 

If you have any other questions please contact support. 

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