What is Language Cloud and how does it work?

Language Cloud Machine Translation is a service that allows users to translate automatically from one language to another. The translation is performed by computers using statistical algorithms to determine an approximate translation. The result from the Language Cloud translation will not be 100% as a human translation but it will help you translate faster as it will get most of the words correct. The only thing you have to do is post-edit the result from Language Cloud to achieve higher quality. 

Language Cloud can be used also as it is to get an idea about the content of a text that it is in another language that you do not know. 

You can translate text or directly documents up to 5 MB in Language Cloud. 

The advantage of Language Cloud is that you can increase the quality of the translation by adding your own dictionary with your own specific terms. You have to create an Excel file with a glossary of terms and convert this into a .TBX format that can be uploaded in Language Cloud. Or if you are a user of SDL Trados Studio and MultiTerm you can export your own terminology from MultiTerm to a .TBX file that can be imported in a dictionary in Language Cloud. 

There are also some Industry Specific engines for a few language pairs that offer higher quality machine translation than the general baselines.  

Language Cloud can be used either online, or in SDL Trados Studio 2014/2015. It can be used as a plug-in in Microsoft Office Word, the plug in is available for download in the download section of your account. 

In order to learn how to use Language Cloud please watch this YouTube video presentation. 



For any questions on how to use Language Cloud or if you experience issues please contact Support using the Help and Support button:

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