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  1. Activating Developer Capabilities

  2. Activating SDL Language Cloud in Trados 2017

  3. Activating the 30 Day Trial Subscription

  4. Adaptive MT - Trados 2017 new feature

  5. Add or Delete credit card information

  6. An error has occurred whilst using the translation provider SDL Language Cloud: Connection to Language Cloud failed

  7. Application is not configured for LanguageCloudUrlsConfig

  8. Cannot perform runtime binding on a null reference

  9. Change e-mail address in SDL Language Cloud account

  10. Character count for URL encoded text sent to the API

  11. Check character usage in SDL Language Cloud account

  12. Connecting to the Language Cloud Account from SDL Trados Studio

  13. Connection to Language Cloud failed

  14. Deactivating SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation - Trados Studio 2017

  15. Excel file: There was an error while generating your translated file. Please try again later

  16. Failing translation, then text includes %

  17. Forgot Password / Reset password

  18. Frequently Asked Questions SDL Online Translation Editor

  19. How Does SDL Language Cloud Translation API Work?

  20. How much does the Translation API costs?

  21. How to change LC account in SDL Trados Studio

  22. How to contact SDL Language Cloud Support?

  23. How to create a Dictionary in Language Cloud?

  24. How to create an adaptive engine in Trados Studio 2017

  25. How to deactivate my subscription? Auto-renewal ON/OFF

  26. How to export a termbase from MultiTerm to TBX for Language Cloud Dictionary

  27. How to generate a .TBX termbase from an Excel Glossary to upload to a Dictionary?

  28. How to log in to Language Cloud from your SDL Account

  29. How to pre-translate in SDL Trados Studio  using Language Cloud

  30. How to use SDL Language Cloud in SDL Trados Studio 2015

  31. How to use the SDL Online Translation Editor

  32. I need to translate a document - Human VS Machine Translation

  33. I want to translate with Language Cloud

  34. I was on the Online Editor Pilot programme - where are my files

  35. Look up segments in MT even if a TM match has been found

  36. MS Office Excel Language Cloud plug-in Disabled

  37. No translation from Language Cloud MT - Activating Language Cloud MT on your language pair

  38. PDF & DOC file types disclaimer

  39. PDF file is not translated - why is this?

  40. SDL Online Translation Editor Training videos

  41. Set Machine Translation Limits - Extra usage per month

  42. Studio 2015 Language Cloud not automatically inserting the translated segment in the target segment

  43. Studio charges my Language Cloud account for confirmed segments

  44. Sufficient permission to access the translation provider SDL Language Cloud could not be obtained

  45. The basics of getting started with the SDL Online Translation Editor

  46. The Free subscription for SDL Language Cloud in SDL Trados Studio

  47. The input BCM JSON should not be null. Parameter name: inputBcmJson

  48. There is no Language Cloud translation provided in SDL Trados Studio Project

  49. Training Custom Engine - Maximum limit for training corpus

  50. Translate file in Translator or Office Add-ins

  51. Translating in MS Word with SDL Language Cloud

  52. Uninstalling SDL Language Cloud Add-ins for MS Office

  53. Usage incurred during pre-translate in Trados Studio 2017

  54. Use Dictionaries to improve translation

  55. Using API Key for access to Language Cloud

  56. What is an API, and how does it work with SDL Language Cloud?

  57. What is Language Cloud and how does it work?

  58. What type of information can be translated?

  59. What type of subscriptions are there available for Language Cloud?

  60. Where does a developer learn more about the SDL Language Cloud Translation API?

  61. Who is SDL?

  62. You have reached the maximum limit of characters on your subscription.

  63. Your current package is not compatible with SDL Trados Studio Language Cloud

  64. Your subscription does not include access to the requested type of benefit

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