4. Studio integration and troubleshooting

  1. Activating SDL Language Cloud in Trados 2017

  2. Deactivating SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation - Trados Studio 2017

  3. How to create an adaptive engine in Trados Studio 2017

  4. How to use SDL Language Cloud in SDL Trados Studio 2015

  5. Adaptive MT - Trados 2017 new feature

  6. The Free subscription for SDL Language Cloud in SDL Trados Studio

  7. No translation from Language Cloud MT - Activating Language Cloud MT on your language pair

  8. There is no Language Cloud translation provided in SDL Trados Studio Project

  9. Connecting to the Language Cloud Account from SDL Trados Studio

  10. Application is not configured for LanguageCloudUrlsConfig

  11. Studio 2015 Language Cloud not automatically inserting the translated segment in the target segment

  12. An error has occurred whilst using the translation provider SDL Language Cloud: Connection to Language Cloud failed

  13. Your subscription does not include access to the requested type of benefit

  14. Your current package is not compatible with SDL Trados Studio Language Cloud

  15. Connection to Language Cloud failed

  16. MS Office Excel Language Cloud plug-in Disabled

  17. How to change LC account in SDL Trados Studio

  18. How to pre-translate in SDL Trados Studio  using Language Cloud

  19. Sufficient permission to access the translation provider SDL Language Cloud could not be obtained

  20. Using API Key for access to Language Cloud

  21. The input BCM JSON should not be null. Parameter name: inputBcmJson

  22. Cannot perform runtime binding on a null reference

  23. Look up segments in MT even if a TM match has been found

  24. Studio charges my Language Cloud account for confirmed segments

  25. Usage incurred during pre-translate in Trados Studio 2017

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